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Why choose REXO for your cutter chains for stone cutting?

Chains for cutters and chainsaws

REXO is a French SME that designs and manufactures chains for stone-cutting cutters and chain saws on its premises in the Auvergne region of France.

Committed to its image and know-how, the company offers its customers many advantages:

Product quality

REXO is renowned for producing high-quality equipment that is durable, high-performance and hard-wearing.

Customer service and support

REXO is renowned for offering quality support and service, with fast, efficient assistance when needed.

Experience and expertise

REXO has a long history and solid experience in the manufacture of stone cutting equipment.

Wide range of products

REXO offers a wide range of products to meet different stone-cutting needs and requirements.

Respect for the environment

REXO sets itself apart by adopting environmentally-friendly production practices and offering energy-efficient products (low power consumption and no need for water).

Spare parts availability

As a manufacturer, REXO produces its own parts and guarantees rapid availability.

Chain for cutter

Chain for chainsaws

For further information…

REXO is a French SME based in Auvergne, which manufactures and markets for professionals:

  • Rexo chains and guides for stone and wood cutting,
  • as well as Rouyer hand tools (shears and punching machines) for metal cutting.

REXO also offers fine sheet metal work and machining of mechanical parts as a subcontractor.

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