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REXO offers you the advantage of its expertise and its machine stock for machining your mechanical parts

Machining your mechanical parts

REXO offers to undertake subcontract machining of mechanical parts, in steel, aluminium and stainless steel, from prototypes up to small and medium production runs.

Subcontract machining:

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  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel


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  • Prototypes
  • Small production runs
  • Medium production runs


Manufacture of mechanical parts:

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  • from drawings
  • from models


A machine stock allowing the machining of large parts

NC machining centre
4-axis Somab Diam 850

Max. workpiece length (X): 850 mm
Max. workpiece width (Y): 600 mm
Max. workpiece height (Z): 560 mm
Table area: 1000 x 500
Maximum table load: 700 kg


2-axis Somab Transmab 450 NC lathe

Max. machining length (X): 860 mm
Max. clearance (Y): 1000 mm
Max. diameter: 320 mm
Spindle bore: Ø 73 mm
Collet chuck: Ø 60 mm


Stroke: 150 mm

REXO has a stock of machines for machining large-sized fabricated or cast parts by 2-axis turning and 4-axis milling.

These production means are complemented by presses, slotters, grinders, etc. for more specific work.

These machining services can be supplemented by assembly operations.

Some examples of machined mechanical parts

The 4-axis machining centre in action.


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