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REXO designs and manufactures Rouyer metal-cutting lever shears

Our digitized production and design resssources enable us to design and manufacture industrial shears for cutting steel or alloy sheet.

Our sheet metal shears are lever shears intended for the building trade, and also for sheet metal working. When they are fitted with optional hardened blades they can cut steel bars or treated steel.

Our lever shears are manufactured in Auvergne and can be fitted with extra hard shearing blades.

A wide range of lever shears

Rouyer lever shears are used by professionals in many fields: the building trade, metal industries, equipment, infrastructure, shops and repair activities, etc…

Lever shears from 2 mm to the M type

The Rouyer range of lever shears covers many uses:

  • The 2 mm lever shear is designed for fine and precise work. It is specially popular with clock makers.
  • The type-A lever shear is a common tool for routine jobs.
  • D- and L-type lever shears have high production capacities to meet major industrial needs. Model L has 300 mm long blades.
  • The E-type lever shear has a strengthened design and increased leverage to improve user comfort.
  • The M-type lever shear, fitted with 400 mm blades, makes long cuts.

 2 mm lever shears for mild steel

Metal cutting

Standard Rouyer lever shears cut mild steel (up to 400 N/mm2).

When fitted with optional high hardness blades, models A, E, D, 520 and 525 are capable of cutting stronger steel (up to 700 N/mm2).

Naturally they also cut alloys and light metals such as copper, zinc, brass, etc…

Lever shears suited to their jobs

D-, L- and E-type lever shears are also fitted with a round holder in which the part slides (up to a diameter of 12 mm) and which prevents it from bending during the shearing operation.

All our models, which range in weight from 6.5 to 72 kg, can be mounted on bases to optimize small work areas and eliminate the need for a workbench.


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