Rexo | The Cutting of the Stone | Testimony of sculptor Jean-François Noble

Rexo | Stone cutting: the testimony of sculptor Jean-François Noble

Advancing quality
of the cut of the stone…

“I helped Mr. Roger Vergnoles, my cousin, to extract the stone in an underground quarry from 1978 in Mauzens Miremont in the Dordogne.

He was the inventor of a cutting machine for which the REXO company manufactured chains, guides and sprockets of great precision.

REXO has always listened and contributed all its knowledge and skills to improve the quality of stone cutting, such complex work.

Very happy to see that you find this name so well known in the stone world. “

Jean-François Noble, sculptor, 24150 Lalinde.

Photos Bernard Dupuy

More about Jean-François Noble

REXO is a French SME located in Auvergne, which manufactures and markets for professionals:

  • Rexo chains and guides for stone and wood cutting,
  • as well as the Rouyer hand tools (shears and punching machines) for metal cutting.

REXO also offers fine sheet metal work and machining of mechanical parts as a subcontractor.

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