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The Stone Cup

Rexo Chains
for gantry, extraction and chainsaw

REXO designs and manufactures Rexo chains and gantries for stone cutting

Gantry chains

REXO offers four references of gantry chains or guillotines, adapted to the cutting of limestone from 10 to 45 Mpa of compression.

These chains, in service throughout France, are appreciated for their performance and longevity.

Extraction chains

The REXO company manufactures Rexo carbide and diamond extraction chains for your cutting machines.

These particularly robust chains are used by the biggest players in the sector.

The Constant quarry in Paussac exploits Dordogne stone

Chainsaw chains

REXO offers four models of chains for one- and two-man saws, with guide bars from 43 cm to 2.5 meters.



REXO manufactures a wide range of guides for stone cutting: for gantries, cutters, but also chainsaws, in all types and sizes of chains.



REXO has been designing and manufacturing gantries (or guillotines) for over 30 years.

Our products are in service by the dozen all over France.


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