Rexo Gantries

Performance and durability for stone cutting

Rexo’s range of gantry cranes for stone cutting

Rexo Gantry

REXO gantries are known for their strength and allow for optimal adjustment of the fence for a precise cut.

REXO can maintain and adjust the gantries that it has designed, manufactured and installed by the dozens throughout France over the past decades.

We provide technical assistance remotely or on site, for any preventive or curative maintenance with the possibility of manufacturing your parts.

Since 2022, REXO offers the Petrus gantry.

Automated and equipped with regulators and cutting force adjustment, this new generation of machines is still available in various cutting heights and widths. We can adapt the Petrus to your needs for limestone cutting up to 45 Mpa of compression.

Its carriage, equipped with a manual swivel table, is motorized and servo-controlled.

Of course, Petrus complies with the European directive.

Its footprint is approximately as follows:

  • Width : 5 meters
  • Length : 10 meters
  • Height: 3.6 meters

Technical support for Rexo gantries

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