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Chains for cutting machines

REXO designs and manufactures stone and wood cutting equipment in Auvergne: chains, guides, chainsaws and gantries.

REXO cutter chains meet the most demanding environments.

Their rusticity, the quality of the metals of which they are composed (rich in carbon) and the simplicity of their maintenance also characterize this range.

Finally, as a designer and manufacturer, REXO provides its customers with technical expertise to adapt to any particular situation.

The range of extraction chains for cutters includes four models:

The Rexo P 60 chain

The Rexo P 76 chain

The Rexo P 104 chain

Rexo P 104 Diamond Chain

Riveting of chains for cutting machines

Demonstration of riveting a chain from a P76 cutter:

The bending of chain links for cutters

Demonstration of the bending of chain links on a P 76 press:

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REXO is a French SME located in Auvergne, which manufactures and markets for professionals:

  • Rexo chains and guides for stone and wood cutting,
  • as well as the Rouyer hand tools (shears and punching machines) for metal cutting.

REXO also offers fine sheet metal work and machining of mechanical parts as a subcontractor.

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