Rexo Company

Experience and history enabling us to combine technical expertise and innovation.

REXO has three areas of activity:

  • REXO is well known for its chains and guides,
  • REXO is the only manufacturer of manual lever shears and lever punches for professional users,
  • and REXO is an attentive partner for mechanical subcontracting.


REXO, located between Thiers and Vichy, combines a unique history, with expertise passed down over several decades and a demanding company culture oriented toward the future and innovation.

Rexo is an Auvergne SME, it designs, manufactures and markets its own products. Over time, it has specialised in several distinct fields:

The manufacture of chains, guides and parts for the wood and stone industry under the brand name Rexo.

The manufacture of manual lever shears and lever punches, under the Rouyer brand. Rexo is the only French manufacturer in this field for a customer base of industrial and building professionals.
Mechanical subcontract work for customers of all sizes, OEMs and other industrial trades.

Our raw materials and suppliers are exclusively French, mostly regional, and we intend to maintain this specificity of proximity, a guarantee of quality, seriousness and thoughtful and reasonable management.


An experienced team focused on quality

REXO: a human sized company located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes with a staff team committed to delivering a quality service.

Efficient computer aided production control

REXO is equipped with powerful CAD and Computer Aided Production Control tools, notably allowing you to produce your mechanical parts by subcontracting.

Our quality requirement for your satisfaction

REXO: Quality control and care at all stages of production, up to packaging, are part of the company’s motto.

Precision work

The sharpening of tungsten carbide pellets on a cutter chain requires the respect of an angle of 45 ° during the operation.

A powerful and digitized fleet of machines

Made up of NC machines and powerful traditional machines, REXO has extensive production capabilities to increase its efficiency and the quality of its products and services.

2-axis NC lathe
Somab Transumab 450



4-axis digital machining centre
Somab Diam 850

Some customer references

Stone cutting

Rouyer hand tools

A history of guaranteeing expertise and reliability

In 1930 René Sauzède founded REXO, a company specialized in the manufacture of lawn mowers and chainsaws. His son Pierre took over in 1947 and gradually diversified the company, even to producing go-karts fitted with Rexo chainsaw engines in the early 60’s. They won numerous races throughout France.
In 1960, he also took control of Rouyer, a company specializing in hand tools

In 2001, REXO created RC PRO of which the activities included the manufacture and marketing of cutting chains and hand tools. It was Pierre Sauzède’s son-in-law, Jean-Paul Vinet, who took on its management.

On March 23, 2018, Philippe Geeraert took over RC PRO and decided to continue the company’s activities to develop its range.

In July 2019, the company recovered its historical name of REXO.

Philippe Geeraert, Managing Director of REXO
2018 prize for company creation and takeover – Puy-de-Dôme Department

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